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Pallas Splatball

What is Splatball ?

Basically it is Paintball without the pain and bruises.

Splatball starts from 10 years old and up at Pallas Splatball and you need a minimum group size of 8.

Splatball is a lower velocity version of paintball. Using lower powered guns and smaller Paintballs. Which makes it a great choice for families, hen parties and younger groups – ideal for your kid’s birthday party. We provide all our clients with a choice of a top of the range shotgun plus all the ammo you need. Safety masks, commando overalls, chest guards and gloves are also provided.

The game is played on our special Splatball course which still offers the same intense thrill of battle and test of skill and also links into our Village Paintball game zone when needed.

So if you fancy yourself as a Bonny or Billy the Kid this game is certainly for you. For the best experience we recommend bookings of groups of ten upwards and the minimum age is 10 years old and up.

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